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Individual Trust Services

Although the word “trust” is a simple word, there’s nothing simple about managing and protecting your property and money. At FSB, we understand this complexity can be intimidating, so we offer a variety of peace-of-mind solutions to help you manage, maximize and protect your assets.

Our Trust team is uniquely qualified to serve you in a variety of ways, including serving as a(n):

  • Agent to handle the administration and management of your assets, including payment of your bills
  • Trustee of a Living Trust to help you manage, protect and preserve your assets during your lifetime, and to avoid probate at the time of your death
  • Trustee of a Trust established in your Will for the benefit of your surviving spouse, children, grandchildren, charities, etc.
  • Agent for the Trustee of a Trust
  • Agent or Trustee for Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)
  • Court Appointed Conservator to manage the assets and financial affairs of a minor or an incapacitated adult
  • Executor of an Estate, bringing expertise, experience and professionalism to the estate administration proceedings
  • Agent for the Executor of an Estate
  • Custodian for your assets

Whatever your goals, our experienced Trust team is uniquely qualified to provide the personalized guidance and financial solutions to meet your specific needs.


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 Pam R. Goedken  Laura A Kamienski   Robynn Anderson
Vice President/Senior Trust Officer  Trust Officer   Trust Admin Assistant
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