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ACH Services

Why Do Businesses Use FSB’s ACH Services?

  • Reduces check writing which, in turn, reduces fraud exposure
  • Improves cash management and reduces reconciliation time
  • Decrease overall costs as ACH is the most cost effective method of payment

Our ACH origination service is user friendly and intuitive. The web-based software will allow you to create a listing of ACH beneficiaries for use time and time again. If your accounting or payroll system will export an ACH file, you are able to easily import this for payment. This straightforward service will save you time from check writing and allows you to control your cash outflows. ACH can be used for payroll, vendor payments, customer debits, tax payments, and more.

To participate in ACH origination, all you need is a computer and an Internet connection.

To enroll, please contact Shelley Schroeder for additional information.

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Shelley Schroeder

Treasury Management Officer


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