If you used your FSB credit card or debit card at any Target store between November 27th and December 15, 2013 – more than likely your card is one of the 40 million cards that have been compromised.

We have already seen some fraud occur from this breach of information and are actively taking steps to prevent it from happening further.

Here is what FSB is doing to help prevent fraud from occurring:

v.me – We are offering a free service to FSB customers called v.me, which allows customers to register their current debit card and credit card numbers into this virtual wallet. You are then able to set up real time text alerts anytime your cards are used, allowing you to be notified much sooner if a purchase is made that you did not authorize. Simply go to www.v.me or contact us at 319-377-4891 to get you set up for this service.

FSB credit cards- If you have a compromised FSB credit card, we will be sending you a letter explaining that your card was part of this compromise. We will be issuing you a new card with a new card # and expiration date. The letter will explain this in further detail, but you will have two weeks from the date we send you the card to activate the new card. Once it is activated (or after two weeks), your compromised card will be canceled and will no longer be valid. All your balance information, history, & points from your compromised card will be transferred to your newly issued card. Remember to contact any companies with whom you have automatic payments set up on your card.

FSB debit cards- If you have a compromised debit card, we will be following a similar process. Over the next several weeks we will be re-issuing cards to those that have a compromised card. Once you receive your new card, you will need to activate the card. At that time, your compromised card will be closed automatically. Remember to contact any companies with whom you have automatic payments set up on your card.

Instant Issue debit cards – FSB also offers instant issue debit cards in our Marion, Hiawatha and Van Buren Village offices which allow us to replace your debit card on the spot.

Myfsbonline.com- As always, we encourage you to watch your account(s) diligently in order to identify any suspicious activity. At the first moment you see a suspicious charge, please contact us immediately at 319-377-4891. If you have not already signed up for our FREE online banking service, now would be a great time to do so. Please contact a Personal Banker at any FSB office if you need assistance in signing up..

Target debit card – For those that have a target debit card, we encourage you to contact Target directly at https://corporate.target.com/about/payment-card-issue.aspx?intc=importantguestinfoNew.