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About Us


What you need to know about us is that our mission is to be all about you.

Gene Kent Doug

We're all about serving businesses that need working capital to improve efficiencies and grow

We're all about customers who want to do all their banking on their smartphones, whether that's a remote deposit or Business Bill Pay. And we're all about our customers who use the drive-up or come see their favorite teller every week.

We're all about family, and we’ve been owned by the Neighbor family for more than 50 years!

We're all about causes that matter, especially kids, and community prosperity.

We're all about getting to work early, tweeting about our grandkids, and staying under budget.

We're all about helping churches, lots of them, finance improvements and manage cash effectively.

We’re big enough and strong enough to be all these things, and we welcome the opportunity to also be all about you.

Ready to explore our family owned, local bank?

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