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How to Apply for a Mortgage?

A Complete Guide For FSB's Online Home Loan Application

Tammy Yamilkoski


Applying for a mortgage is the first step toward owning a home. A mortgage application will show what you can afford to start looking for the perfect home. The process might seem overwhelming, but FSB's Mortgage Team will help you from start to finish!

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Must be 18 or older to apply. All loans are subject to credit approval.

Key Takeaways

  • Have your documents ready to make applying for a home loan easier
  • FSB has options for applying online or with personalized assistance, whichever suits you
  • Knowing how much you can borrow helps when shopping for a home
  • FSB supports different financial situations, even if your credit score is not so perfect
  • Count on FSB's Mortgage Team from application to closing day

Table of Contents

  1. Starting A Mortgage Application
  2. What You Need To Apply
  3. Mortgage Application FAQs
  4. How FSB's Mortgage Team Can Help

Starting A Mortgage Application

Begin the mortgage application process by selecting the option that best suits you:

  • FSB's Online Application: Ideal for individuals prepared to complete the application without assistance
  • Inquiry Form: Ideal for individuals who need assistance completing the application

Must be 18 or older to apply. All loans are subject to credit approval.

What You Need To Apply For a Mortgage

To streamline the application process, gather the following documents for yourself and any co-borrower(s):

  • Two most recent bank statements (checking, savings, investments, 401(k), etc.)
  • Proof of income (current pay stub covering at least 30 days, retirement statements or award letters, employment contract, etc.)
  • W2 or 1099 and complete signed tax returns for the last two years (personal and business)

Accurate information is essential when completing an application to ensure a smooth and efficient approval process. Remember, every situation is unique, and you may be asked to provide more details about your employment and finances.

Mortgage Application FAQs

FSB is here to answer some of your initial questions before starting the application process!

What Should I Do if I Encounter Issues During My Application?

If any problems arise or you have questions during your application, FSB's Mortgage Team is ready to assist.

Simply submit this form or call 319-730-6990, and a lender will contact you.

Can I Apply for a Mortgage Before Finding a Home?

Yes, it is recommended to apply for a mortgage before finding a home, a process known as getting pre-approved. This clarifies how much you can afford and shows sellers you are a serious buyer.

Get Pre-Approved

Must be 18 or older to apply. All loans are subject to credit approval.

What Affects My Mortgage Application?

Several key factors impact your application, including your credit score, yearly income, debt-to-income ratio, and the how much you can afford as a down paymentContact a lender to see how much you could afford!

How Long Does the Application Process Take?

Getting pre-approved can happen quickly, sometimes within a few hours. The entire mortgage process, from application to closing, typically takes 15 to 45 days once an offer is accepted.

Can I Get Approved for a Mortgage with a Low Credit Score?

Yes. FSB offers various mortgage programs that might accommodate different financial situations. A discussion with a lender can help clarify your options.

Contact a Mortgage Lender

Can I Apply For a Home Loan with a Co-Borrower? 

Absolutely. Applying with a co-borrower could increase your borrowing power, especially if the co-borrower has a strong credit history or higher income.

What Happens After I Submit My Application? 

After submitting your application and documents, a local FSB lender will review them, perform a credit check (with your consent), and start the underwriting process. Your lender will keep you updated throughout the process.

Still Have Questions?

FSB's mortgage lenders are here to help! Reach out for personalized guidance and answers to all your homeownership questions.

Contact a Lender

How FSB's Mortgage Team Can Help

FSB is committed to guiding you through the homebuying journey. From the moment you apply to determining the best mortgage option for your needs, the local lenders at FSB are here to support you.


Contact the FSB Mortgage team at 319-730-6990.

Prefer to reach out online? Request to be contacted.

Meet Tammy Yamilkoski

Tammy Yamilkoski - Photo

Tammy, with over 25 years of experience in mortgage lending, has assisted thousands in achieving their American Dream. As Vice President of Mortgage at the Hiawatha Branch, she's known for building lasting client relationships.

Tammy is dedicated to going the extra mile, leveraging her extensive knowledge of loan programs to secure the best options for her clients, ensuring a stress-free, on-time closing. Reach out to Tammy for expert advice today!

Call 319-730-6992
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