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Discover business banking solutions designed to make managing your finances effortless.

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Remote Deposit

Ever imagined depositing checks without stepping out of your office? With Remote Deposit, it's not just possible but also incredibly simple.

Questions? Contact Kallie for additional assistance.

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Benefits of Remote Deposit

  • Ease of Use: Say goodbye to manual deposit slips and the need to stamp checks individually
  • Save Time: Speed up the deposit process, giving you more time to focus on what matters – your business
  • Reduce Errors: The automated system minimizes errors, ensuring smoother transactions

How Does Remote Deposit Work?

Once you’ve purchased the scanner, processing a deposit couldn't be easier with FSB's Remote Deposit. Here's how you can process your checks:

  • Login: Access your Business Online Banking and navigate to 'Checks & Deposits'
  • Scan Checks: Use the scanner to process your checks; it recognizes most check amounts automatically - There will be rare occasions where the check amount is misread, but the service will prompt you to fix errors
  • Submit Deposit: Once the total matches your input, simply submit your deposit

Once deposited, we recommend you store your checks securely for at least 30 days. After this period, you can safely dispose of them, as retaining them is unnecessary.

Pricing Details

Choose the scanner that matches your business needs:

  • Standard Scanner*: Ideal for handling 1-20 checks
  • Automatic Feed Scanner*: Perfect for more extensive deposits (20+ checks) with the capacity to scan 100 checks per minute

*Initial equipment and setup costs, along with a monthly fee will apply. Contact Kallie Herink for additional details.

Ready to Streamline Your Business Banking?

Experience the ease and efficiency of Remote Deposit and get started with Faster. Stronger. Better.® banking.

Get Started with Remote Deposit

Merchant Services

Expand your payment options and enjoy seamless transactions with our varied merchant services. We offer competitive rates and local customer service, as well as 24/7 support and online account access.

Discover Our Merchant Services

Ready to Accept Credit Card Payments?

Empower your business by accepting credit card payments. Here's why you should consider our services:

  • Efficiency & Speed: Experience quicker transactions with next-day deposits for most businesses.
  • Payment Flexibility: Provide your customers with various payment options, including mobile card readers and e-commerce portals.
  • Local Support: Enjoy the convenience of local support coupled with 24/7 online account access.
  • Safety & Security: Enhance transaction security with chip-enabled equipment and data breach insurance post-PCI compliance validation.

Contact Kallie to get started and begin a world of hassle-free credit card processing.

Discover Our Merchant Services

Meet Kallie

Kallie Herink

You can rely on Kallie Herink, our dedicated Treasury Management Supervisor, when managing your business banking services. Kallie is here to guide you through our solutions, answer your questions, and help you get started with optimizing your business finances.

Interested in our business banking solutions? Contact Kallie today!

Call 319-730-6958
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