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With FSB Online Banking account access, you can view your Farmers State Bank account information from a computer or mobile device with Internet access by entering a Username and a password that you choose. Simply log in using the form on the homepage. First-time users need to sign up for Online Banking and complete the online enrollment as prompted.

General Information

  • What is Online Banking and how can I use it?
    FSB's Online Banking service provides round-the-clock access to your Farmers State Bank accounts, allowing you to transfer money between accounts, reconcile your statement, download transactions, view check images, and much more.
  • How much does Online Banking cost?
    Our Online Banking service is completely FREE!
  • Which accounts can I access?
    You can access all of your Farmers State Bank checking, savings, loan, and CD accounts. Simply call us at 319-377-4891 or contact us for additional information. 
  • Can I access my accounts from more than one computer?
    Yes. Using a browser with industry standard encryption, you can log in from a computer or mobile device anywhere with Internet access. Simply enter your Username, answer your security questions if prompted and enter your password to access your Farmers State Bank account(s).
  • How current is the information I see while using Online Banking?
    The information is real time, online data so you always have access to your most current information.
  • How far back can I view or export my transactions on Online Banking?
    Transaction history is available for viewing and downloading for seven years. Check and deposit images are available for three years.
  • Why can't I view all of my accounts online?
    There are a variety of reasons why certain accounts may not be available to view online. If you feel there is an error please contact your Personal Banker.
  • Are there any times when Online Banking is not available?
    Although minimal, there are times when Online Banking is taken offline for maintenance. We make every effort to post a notice in advance to let you know when the system will be unavailable for an extended period of time.
  • Can I speak to a live person if I have problems?
    Yes! You may contact us at 319-377-4891 during normal business hours or contact us during business hours. 
  • Should I use a particular Internet browser for banking online with FSB?
    It is recommended that you use the most current updated Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer (11) or Microsoft Edge browser.

Passwords & Security

  • How secure is FSB Online?
    FSB's Online Banking system offers the latest industry-standard security technologies to protect the data for our customers. This includes a password-controlled system entry, a digital certificate issued by a certified authority for the server, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol for data encryption, and a firewall to regulate the inbound and outbound of our server traffic. Additionally, our system requires access via a browser that supports industry standard encryption, and all sessions are automatically logged off after 20 minutes of inactivity. It is critical to your security that you do not share your login information with others. We also suggest you periodically change your password.
  • How do I change my password?
    While logged into Online Banking, click on "Profile". In the Password section, click on Edit and follow the directions.
  • Can I change my Username?
    The system does not provide the option to change your Username; however, an FSB Personal Banker can change your Username if you wish.
  • What if I forget either my Username or password?
    If you forgot your password, click on Forgot Password on our home page under the Login button and follow the prompts. Your password will be emailed to you. You must contact a Farmers State Bank representative to obtain your Username. Just call 319-377-4891 for assistance.
  • I received a message that I was automatically logged out due to inactivity. What does this mean?
    For your protection, our system will automatically and securely log you off after 20 minutes of inactivity.
  • Does Farmers State Bank have a privacy statement?
    Yes, view our privacy policy. If you have questions regarding our privacy statement, please contact us.
  • What are the limitations on transferring funds between accounts with Online Banking?
    You may only transfer money between accounts that are shown in your Online Banking session after you log in. In addition, the funds in your account must be available in order to make a transfer, and there are regulatory requirements limiting the number of transfers from savings or Money Market accounts to other accounts to six per month.
  • How long will it take for an Online Banking transaction to post to my account?
    Since our system is real-time, transactions post immediately. However, funds from your deposits may not be available immediately. Funds availability for cash withdrawals, transfers and check payments depends on the type(s) of deposit(s) made. For more information, please refer to the disclosures provided to you at the time you opened your account.


When depositing storm-related insurance checks, be sure everyone listed as a payee endorses the check. Questions? Call us at 319-377-4891.


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