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Smart financial management starts here. You need access that allows you to easily and securely stay on top of it all … wherever your business takes you.

Management Tools

Accelerate Receivables

Accelerate Receivables Business

Gathering and processing receivables can be a big challenge for any size business. We have the electronic tools to help your company accelerate processing, access electronic reporting, monitor your organization’s cash flow, and more.

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Streamline Payables

Streamline Payables

Streamlining payables will have a direct effect on your cash flow. Whether it’s paying bills through the Automated Clearing House (ACH), using wire services, or credit cards, we have the tools you need.

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Mitigate Fraud

Mitigate Fraud Man on Tablet

Deterring fraud is crucial. We have solutions designed to help you protect your accounts and deliver peace of mind to your business.

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Wire Transfers

Wire Transfers Team meeting

Safely send funds through our wire services – in some cases the same day. We offer several ways to submit the transfer and have wire verification policies to protect against wire fraud.

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Monthly fees may apply to some services.

Shelley Schroeder

Shelley SchroderShelley is our Treasury Management Officer. She will sit down with you to discuss your business and help you decide which Treasury Management tools you need and how you want them set up.

Call 319-730-6866 
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“Getting my education taught me how to be a great dentist … but it didn’t teach me how to run a small business. FSB has always been there to guide me and help me come out on top. They’re on my side 100% … and I love that type of loyalty.”

- Deb Joyner, Joyner Dental Arts


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