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How To Maximize Your Business Banking Experience?


As a business owner, one of the first steps you should take is setting up a business checking account. Having a separate account for your business transactions will help you stay organized and make it easier to manage your finances, pay bills, and access business credit.

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This is intended to be general information about business organizations and business accounts and not legal advice. Consult your attorney, tax professional, and banking professional for your specific needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Structuring Your Business: Before opening a bank account, you must have the right structure
  • Benefits of Online Banking: Business banking can help you manage account activities, pay your bills, and more
  • Additional Business Banking Services: Streamline your business operations with merchant services, payroll processing, and cash management
  • Why Business Credit Cards: Business credit cards help you establish credit and earn rewards for your spending

Table of Contents

  1. Opening a Business Bank Account
  2. Setting Up Business Banking Online
  3. Business Credit Cards

Opening a Business Bank Account

Before opening a business account, you must establish your business structure. Whether that's a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, corporation, etc., this will help determine what is required at the time of account opening.

Deciding on the Account Type

When choosing a business account, consider your specific needs. Do you need help managing day-to-day transactions? Do you want to grow your funds? Both?

A business checking or savings account could be suitable for your business. Business checking accounts offer easy access for frequent transactions, while business savings accounts are ideal for setting aside funds with the added benefit of interest.

How To Open a Business Bank Account?

Here are the two options for opening a business bank account with FSB:

  • Contact FSB: Contact our Treasury Management Supervisor, Kallie Herink, at 319-730-6958 or via email to discuss your business banking needs and determine what option is right for you.

  • Visit a Branch: Find a FSB branch near you and speak with our local business bankers who will guide you through the account opening process.

Setting Up Business Banking Online

Experience the simplicity of managing your company’s finances with business online banking, allowing you to manage your funds anytime, anywhere.

Benefits of Business Online Banking

Here are some of the benefits of business online banking that will help streamline and enhance your business banking experience:

Interested in Learning More?

Contact our Treasury Management Supervisor, Kallie Herink, at 319-730-6958 or via email to get started!

Business Credit Cards

business credit card can be a valuable tool for your business. It allows you to separate your personal and business expenses, establish business credit, and enjoy the benefits of rewards and cash-back programs.

Key Benefits of FSB's Business Credit Cards:

Apply Online


In conclusion, finding the right bank is crucial for any business owner. By taking advantage of business banking services and using business credit cards wisely, you'll be able to manage your finances, stay organized, and achieve your business goals.

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