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Giving back feels so good!

At FSB, our branding promise is FASTER. STRONGER. BETTER.® But what does that really mean?

For starters, we take pride in delivering FASTER answers to our customers … whether that’s in person, online, via telephone, chat or a video conference. We are passionate about customer service, and work hard each day to build STRONGER relationships by connecting customers with the banking solutions they need to achieve the financial success they deserve.

We also live out our brand by helping to build BETTER communities in which to live, work and play. One example of this can be found in the 30+ family-friendly free events that FSB hosts or sponsors each year.

Because of our financial strength, we are privileged to donate more than $200,000 each year to a variety of educational programs, local community enrichment initiatives, and donor-dependent charitable organizations to help enhance the quality of life for all residents. I’m also proud to share that our employees volunteer several thousand hours of their personal time each year to more than 75 local non-profit organizations.

At the heart of it all, we are a family-owned community bank that loves to give back to our neighborhoods and enhance the financial lives of our customers.

Thank you for choosing FSB!

Gene R. Neighbor
President & CEO


YMCA Big Check Photo


Employees volunteered for causes that count


Invested in 42 different non-profit organizations


Employee volunteer hours


Loans made in our community to enhance the economic vitality of our area


Events reflecting an investment to enhance the quality of life in our community


When depositing storm-related insurance checks, be sure everyone listed as a payee endorses the check. Questions? Call us at 319-377-4891.


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